Ferghana Valley has an umbilical connection with India. In 1526, a young prince from this fertile valley crossed the Pamirs and the Hindu Kush ranges and came through the Khyber Pass to Panipat, a dusty town in the alluvial plains of the Punjab (now in the state of Haryana).
Ferghana Valley is one of the most beautiful areas of the oasis with the territory in 22,000 square meters. Km & a population of 7 million people. Surrounded by mountains of Tien Shan and traversed the waters of the Syr Darya and Naryn, the valley represents the ideal place for agriculture and animal husbandry.
The Ferghana Valley is famous for such cities as Andijan, Ferghana, Margilan, Kokand, Shakhimardan, Couva, historic monuments and architecture.

Top Tourist Places in Fergana

Fergana Bazaar: Fergana’s most appealing attraction is the modern bazaar, filled with good-natured Uzbek traders, leavened with Korean and Russian vendors selling homemade specialties. It sprawls over several blocks north of the center, and is a pleasant place to explore and soak up local color.

Museum of Regional Studies: The sparse Museum of Regional Studies covers the Fergana region and is of marginal interest. Visitors can inspect the WWII uniforms and a 3D map of the Fergana Valley, plus an epic set of Russian-style office furniture.