Chimgan and Charvak

Chimgan Mountains and Charvak mountain reservoir are favorite places of the locals and guests of Tashkent for suburban leisure time. You will find yourself at the edge of civilization and unexplored wilderness in two hour ride. People love to return there to relax from the bustle of big city, to breathe clean mountain air, to sunbathe and hike surrounded by picturesque mountains.
Mysterious and colourful mountain area of the Western Tien-Shan (Big and Small Chimgan; mountain rivers & waterfalls; Beldersay highlands covered with juniper & apple trees, dog rose & barberry thickets), Charvak water reservoir) is very charming and fascinates every visitor. The area is rich in flora and fauna. Juniper forests, various flowers including tulips, Eremurus – desert candle, shrubs and alpine meadows) and from fauna: mountain sheep, bears, marmots, eagles, owl, nightingale are usual to this mountainous area.